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Anonymous: Already read it, you sound like the girls on twitter trying to defend Justin Bieber. Disgusting.

 I am not hating on people who hate Slaine that’s first and I can see no reason for you to hate people who do not hate him. You apparently did not read it, because I clearly stated that what he did was wrong. I was just saying he had reasons. If you don’t have anything constructive to say then shut up. I respect people’s opinions, I respect that people don’t like what he did so please respect my opinion. I am simply analyzing his character and nothing more. You liked Inaho? Good for you, I like him too. You hate Slaine now? It’s your choice and you have the right to do so, but do not insult people just because they have different opinion. That is what I would call disgusting. 

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Ko may look calm & collected but on the inside he be like..
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Anonymous: Filthy, Disgusting Slaine apologist

uhm, wow, ok 

please read this : 

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the gang;

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Please just remember me, as vivid as I used to be.
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ok well… I don’t blame Slaine for what he did. He was at that moment emotionally unstable cause of seeing princess shot down, he remembered that Inaho, well bacically Inaho shot him first, it was Inaho who betrayed him there at the battlefield and Slaine could have died back then also remember what Inaho told him - he told him that they are using Asseylum and that really angered him [and now his words “stay away from Asseylum”] and well add a llittle bit of jelaousy [perhaps] and bah man, no wonder he shot him.

Actually IMO it was kinda realistic that he did. He is confused about… well the whole world - who is his enemy? who is his friend? on which side he should be on? Can you imagine him actually going to Inaho and “HEY I DON’T MIND YOU SHOT ME, AND YEAH I AM IN MARTIAN UNIFORM, AND YEAH I AM AN EARTHLING  BUT I KINDA LIVE ON MARS, LONG STORY. ALSO DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE THING YOU SAID, THAT YOU’RE USING HIME, LET’S BE FRIENDS”

Slaine was in terrible situation. Seeing Asseylum dead what he was supposed to do? At that time he was the enemy of everyone - he killed the count. On the other hand he was  perceived as a martian and Asseylum being dead/unconscious could not assure Inaho and others that he is a friend. 

I am not saying that the thing he did was good. It was wrong, and well I grew to like Inaho… but Slaine had more reasons to do this that Inaho had back then.  And do not forget that Inaho was pointing his gun at Slaine too. 

As for Asseylum being dead… I wouldn’t be so sure about it since the last words said that her whereabouts are unknown. Slaine probably took her somewhere and IDK. I know it looks pretty bad but still those words mean smth… <well maybe Slaine went mad and took her body somewhere and he is living with it ;P>

And Ihano? Well… he could be dead but then again if he’s dead and he was the mc then who is going to die at the true end of the series? also what second season is going to be about? 

wow the notes! I am so happy that so many people think like me and see these things about Slaine! 

I wanted to add smth: Also remember that Slaine was actually surprised that Inaho shot him - “Are you my enemy?”, he thought they could get along. It was Inaho actually that made Slaine the enemy “You are my enemy”, see my point?    

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"December, 2014. Count Saazbaum’s Landing Castle, which had attacked United Earth’s headquarters, had fallen. The battle had ended in victory for the United Earth Forces. There were many casualties on both sides. The whereabouts of Princess Royal Asseylum Vers Allusia of Vers are still unknown.”
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— Everyone who watched Aldnoah.Zero episode 12 (via usuis)
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remember when slaine was still ur fave
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—Childhood’s End—

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"This is far enough. Do not touch Her Highness… Orange." 

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